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OUR BOOK WON the Sept. 2023  Bookcover Contest for Non-fiction books!!!

FINAL VOTE: 1195 to 873

Many, many thanks to all who voted for our book -- this is a win against the censorship that books like this encounter on various platforms!

If you want to hear the story of how we were in 1st place at the start of Round 3, but then got bumped to 2nd and faced a 100+ vote deficit, which then grew to a 200+ vote deficit in the final round while still in 2nd place and adding more votes daily, and then how we won in the final hours by 300+ votes (and all within the rules), stay tuned!! 

For us, this was about much more than a bookcover, because the cover reveals what the book is about.

This is really a victory for the cause of truth, and also belongs to those who voted and helped spread the word. It shows how many people care about this very important subject that affects us all.

I'll post the story here on the website after I finish writing or recording it!

I hope it inspires you to never give up when you're very discouraged because of a challenge that SEEMS  insurmountable!

In the meantime, a HUGE & special THANK YOU to Jeff Childers and his C & C "army" for helping to put us over the top!  And, of course, many thanks to our cover designer, Anita B. Carroll.

Congratulations to all the other authors who made it into the top 24 in the final round -- there were many wonderful covers in this contest! 

Our book was also very honored to receive the 2nd Place Silver Medal in the 2023 Global Book Awards in the medical books category.

Link to Amazon book page: (for U.S. customers) 

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Summary of Key Points
Tables/Photos from Vax Book
Hyperlinks to Endnotes in COVID Vax Book
Military Whistleblower affidavits, etc.
Table of Contents & Preface


To contact the authors: [email protected]